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First of all welcome to this community :) We hope you have a good time and enjoy all the prettiness around.

Some rules so as not to set some chaos. We hope there's no big problem about following them.

1.- If you post more than 3 icons please remember to put them behind a cut.

2.- Follow the ljicons' maker rules, please do not steal icons and then claim them as yours, credit if it's asked to.

3.- Only f1 icons related posts, please bear in mind that there are out there lot more lists to make requests or for tutorials.

4.- This community accepts all branches of the F1 Fandom (from real life to fantasy), and flaming will not be tolerated.
However any icons that could cause offence to people should be posted behind a cut with a clear disclaimer/warning as to what they contain.
If anyone has a problem relating to a post then please contact one of the mods through either their LJ or via the community e-mail.

5.- Play nice.

In fact we'll agree that everyone will follow them without needing to read them or anything, but just in case...


cordella, deltachild & lydkami

f1_challenge is your weekly icon-challenge community. Go on and participate and later on share your icons over here so we can see the icons :)